Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Boys and Baseball

I simply cannot get enough of this picture I snapped on my phone just before walking out the door to Titus's first baseball game. I am the lucky wife and mommy to two incredibly gorgeous guys!

Titus was beyond himself excited to get to play organized baseball this year.  

You would think he was in the world series with the amount of effort and concentration he put in.  

This. Picture. My little man!

 Watching his teammates bat really captivated his attention. 

His first time crossing home plate, with his tongue sticking straight out just his like his mama when she's concentrating. Poor kid!

I love this kid!


Titus had his own cheering section, which included a dearly loved couple from our small group, his Aunt Suzy and cousins. Well, and his mom and sister too. He humbly requested more cheering next time as he didn't hear anyone rooting for him. 

 I think he took a drink between every inning. Granted it was a beautiful 73 degree day!

 Daddy's helping coach his team, which is a lot of fun for both of them!

He played left field and pitcher both during his first game. He much preferred being pitcher because he really just wants to get in there and be a part of the action.
Titus really wanted his cousins to get to come watch him play. 

I promise he's not picking daisies, there is a ball in his hand!

This girl is growing up way too fast. She has such an encouraging heart as she cheers her brother on.  

 And just like that, his first baseball game has come and gone. I have a feeling there will be many more games to come however. This kid LOVES baseball! 

Titus with his favorite playmates... the cousins!

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