Monday, November 21, 2011

California Adventures! Day 7

Saturday was Rob's Birthday. Though it was technically a "down day" (i.e. non-park day), Rob and I snuck into Disneyland real quick to fix an error on our Annual Passports while the kiddos waited oh-so-patiently just outside of the gates.

Rob got a quick Birthday picture on the fire truck inside of the fire station next to City Hall, just below Walt's apartment.

And we also took a quick horse-drawn trolley ride down Main Street. Since it pulled up right in front of us we just couldn't pass up the opportunity!

Then we ventured to Downtown Disney and ate some lunch. After lunch the four of them did a random little boat racing thing and then we headed toward Rob's not-so-secret Birthday surprise. Technically it was a secret, but Rob had long suspected that we would do exactly what we did for his Birthday.

The kids were instructed to take him by the hand and without saying a word walk him toward his Birthday surprise. It didn't take a lot of convincing to get him inside of the Ridemakerz store since he's dreamt of building his own remote control car since the first time we walked through Downtown Disney together.

He got to splurge on accessories and upgrades to his very own hand-picked, hand assembled remote control car. It's kind of like Build-A-Bear for grown men!

Leeann seemed genuinely interested in watching daddy choose his car pieces and assemble his new creation. Titus was more interested in watching the Monster Trucks that were pouncing cars on a t.v. inside of the store.

Next we went over to the World of Disney store and picked up the last of our souvenirs.

After that we strolled through Downtown Disney some more and enjoyed some fresh kettle corn together.

Leeann chose to get some Minnie Mouse ears as one of her souvenirs.

We hurried back to the pool and Rob and the kids got some swimming time in before the pizza man delivered some pizza to our hotel room. Once they got out of the pool and our tummy's were full we all fell into bed exhausted. It was a nice way to celebrate the Birthday of an amazingly wonderful man!
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