Saturday, October 29, 2011

California Adventures! Day 5

We spent day 5 of our vacation at California Adventure Park.

We were once again one of the first few people through the gates and we promptly went on my all-time favorite Disney ride, Soarin' Over California.

Then we headed over to Ariel's Undersea Adventure, which is a ride that only recently opened up. It was really cool!

Josh and Leeann went on the Tower of Terror. Leeann came out in tears, but insisted that she'd go back on it again... funny girl!

Meanwhile I rested a bit and Rob took Titus on some rides in Bug's Land since Titus didn't want to go on the Tower of Terror.

Titus LOVES this ride because it was one of the first rides he was tall enough to meet the requirements of the measurement stick. He insists on measuring himself up against it every time even though he's been able to go on it for years. 

Daddy and his sweet little girl, both sportin' Beavers shirts. 

Josh with Hip Hop Mickey. 

Our munchkins with the mouse. 

Titus staring in awe and wonder at the new Cars Land being built. He got a good view from the top of the Jumping Jellyfish ride. 

While Josh and Leeann rode Goofy's Sky School a couple of times (Titus wasn't quite tall enough) he begged us to take him to King Triton's Carousel, which he and Rob rode twice. My head was spinning just watching these two... no crazy carousels for me!

Leeann and I enjoying some Jumping Jellyfish.

At the top of Mickey's Fun Wheel. It's a long way up, but it offers beautiful views at dusk!

The World of Color is an amazing water show. We got a great front row view from the bridge this year unlike the view of a bunch of people's backsides our short family got last year. It's a standing show, and we can't exactly see over other people very well. It's much better when you can actually see, I assure you!

Paradise Pier. 

About half way through World of Color Titus crawled into the jogging stroller and went to sleep. He was all tuckered out and ready for bed. I don't blame the kid, if the stroller were big enough I would have been in there first!

Rides and Attractions:

Soarin Over California
Ariel’s Undersea Adventure (2X)
Golden Zephyr (Rob, Josh, Leeann and Titus)
Operation Playtime (featuring the green army men) (Rob, Josh, Leeann and Titus)
Toy Story Mania
Turtle Talk With Crush
The Aladdin Musical
Monsters Inc. (Rob, Josh, Leeann and Titus)
Muppet Vision in 3D
Tower of Terror (Josh and Leeann)
Francis’ Ladybug Boogey (Rob and Titus)
Tuck and Roll Drive ‘Em Buggies (Rob and Titus)
Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train
Disney’s Dance Crew Performance
Grizzly River Run (Robyn, Josh and Leeann)
Jumping Jellyfish (Rob and Titus)
Silly Symphony Swings (Rob and Titus)
Silly Symphony Swings (Robyn, Josh, Leeann and Titus)
Goofy’s Sky School (Rob, Josh and Leeann)
Dinner at Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta and Paradise Garden Grill
Goofy’s Sky School (Josh and Leeann 2 more times)
King Triton’s Carousel (Rob and Titus, 2X)
Mickey’s Fun Wheel
World of Color Show 

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