Thursday, June 30, 2011

Titus's Big News!

The week of VBS is a crazy, awesome, exhausting week for our family. Even though I'm no longer the Children's Ministry Director, therefore not completely in charge of VBS, the kids and I have still been at the church for lots and lots of hours over the past couple of weeks.

During weeks like these the pace of life is so hectic that we simply do what we can to make sure that everyone has clean clothes to wear and something that resembles food to eat. We pop out of bed early in the morning and fall into bed exhausted each night.

This morning was day 4, however, and we didn't need to be at the church quite as early as we've had to be the last 3 days. So when Titus climbed in my bed to snuggle this morning, with an armload full of cars, I took advantage of a few peaceful minutes together to chat with him about what he's been learning at VBS this week.

We were talking about yesterday's lesson, trusting Jesus, when Rob walked into the room to give us kisses before heading off to work. We each told Titus about the first time we trusted Jesus, and Rob asked him if he wanted to trust his life to Jesus as well. Titus said he did so he prayed and asked God to forgive his sins, and thanked Jesus for dying on the cross so he could have a relationship with God forever.

Then we got up and rushed through the house to get ready for VBS since we got a little side tracked with one of the coolest conversations ever! Once we got to church he told some of the leaders who all showed great excitement for him and his decision to trust his life to Jesus.

And when we got home we celebrated with some homemade ice cream complete with strawberries, chocolate and caramel sauce! Does it get any better than this?


Milly Thiringer said...

Awesome! Good for Titus and Jesus too!

Jennifer Rice said...

This is amazing news, so awesome. I teared up, Titus is such a dear. VBS is so great, I wish I was exposed to it when I was a kid. The kids learn so much, and have so much fun. Say congratulations to the little man for me!