Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowed Out?

The only thing worse than being snowed in for Christmas, is being snowed out! Although Rob has the week off, we've yet been able to find any hope from the weather man to be able to travel to visit family on any of our days off... because they're all buried in snow. We, on the other hand have only had a few flurries today and other than that it's just been raining for days. 30 minutes north of here roads and businesses are closed as the snow keeps coming down. None for us though. I'm getting the impression that if you travel 30 minutes in any direction you'll find treterous conditions... crazy eh?

So, we anxiously watch the forecast trying to figure out if we'll get to spend Christmas with family, or we'll be hanging out here. The good news (or at least the silver lining) is that if we're stuck so is Suzy so we'll at least have some family around for the holidays.

Other than that, I still have a lot to update you on (and loads of pictures) but my laptop is seriously slower than dirt, and my desk top doesn't have any room for more pictures. That's why you're getting these boring wordy posts. I may have nothing but time on my hands this week though, so I'll try to get those up soon.

High Lights since my last post:

Leeann has a deep cough and she sounds miserable, but the on call nurse didn't seem concerned all.

Titus and Leeann had a Christmas Program at church and Titus discovered his angel wings as of the second performance and decided he could fly. He ran back and forth across the stage like a wild angel. Yup, that's the Pastor's kid! It was a circus! I was quite entertained, yet embarrassed at the same time. Every performance has to have a clown and I wasn't at all surprised that it was mine, honestly!

That's all I can think of for now. Enjoy the snow, since I'm sure every one of my readers has it but me!


Anonymous said...

We too were supposed to travel to Ferndale, WA on Tuesday. We'll be home for the week. Marlene

simplykersh said...

Actually you don't even have to drive a half our 20 min. should do! We in Monmouth currently have a half inch of ice covered in a half inch of snow with more coming! And this is after having four inches or so for most of last week! I can't believe you guys have got next to nothing after what we have had. I hope it thaws so you can see family this Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Jill Nelson said...

haha! I love what Titus did! I always say every good program needs a nose picker and skirt flipper :) My nephew was the nose picker at their Saturday program and then the crazy sitter the next day (check our my sister-in-law's blog... for a video of his performance). Go Titus!

becca said...

This is unbelievable weather, isn't it? I'm sorry that you guys are stuck "out" of the travels at this point and hope it works out okay in the end. Merry Christmas!