Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Leeann’s 11!

Today Leeann turned eleven. It’s so hard to believe! She’s such a beautiful young lady who is now officially taller than me with bigger feet too!

She continues to have such a sweet heart and sensitive spirit. She loves to help and encourage others in any way she can. She’s always looking for ways to serve others and make a difference. You’ll get a peek into her heart with this Birthday Interview:

What’s your favorite color? “Purple!”


What do you want to be when you grow up? “An artist or a nurse.”


What’s your favorite subject in school? “Everything.”


What’s your favorite food? “Burritos.”


What’s your favorite dessert? “Pudding.”


The best thing I did when I was 10 was… “Going to Disneyland.”


What’s your favorite movie? “Frozen”


What’s your favorite toy/thing/object in your room? “Cutie the giant bear.”


How many kids do you want when you grow up? “10!”


Interests are: “Art, crafts, friends, card-making, finger nail polish, pretty sparkly girly things.”


What do you hope will happen during your eleventh year? “I hope that I will make better friends with the bullies at school and try to change the bullies’ lives. I hope that there will be less bullies at school.”


I am so grateful for these three, but today, I’m especially grateful for this Birthday princess!

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